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A few summers ago I took my kids to Malibu to test out a new camera that I had just bought. We went to Leo Carrillo beach, which is a local spot in Malibu that my kids love. When we’ve been there in the past we’ve managed to go when the tide was really low. The low tides at Leo Carrillo are amazing; the water retracts to reveal a world of tide pools and sea life that are nothing short of amazing. On this particular day the tide was in, and to say that my children were disappointed would be an understatement. They started complaining, saying that they wanted to leave, basically throwing fits. I, however, was determined to try out my new camera and get a little Malibu photo session of my kids in the process.

It got a little ugly. They were bored. They wanted to go swimming. I hadn’t brought their suits, or towels for that matter, and I remember them asking why in the world I would have brought them to the beach with no towels (good point, kids!). We took a few photos and I thought the trip was a total loss. On the way back to our car we happened to run into some friends and that completely turned things around. They had fun playing, and we all ended up going out to lunch afterward. The day had been saved!

I took all of these photos in a span of about 10 minutes (before we found our friends), and although I thought it was a total loss I captured some of my favorite images of my kids that I’ve ever taken. The photo of my daughter kneeling down in the tide pools is my favorite image of her. The first photo of the surfer is now a fine art print hanging in my home. And the very last image in this post, the image of the two of them throwing a fit, crossing their arms and refusing to look at the camera – that image is pure gold to my mommy heart. At the time I was so frustrated that they wouldn’t give me a smile. But now, years later, I get such a kick out of their silent protest. And you better believe that this image is framed and printed, and sits proudly in my living room. A little reminder that even when things don’t go as planned, there is still beauty to be found.

Leo Carrillo is a gorgeous beach and a perfect spot for a family session! For info on some of my other favorite Malibu kids photo session locations click here.

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