What to Wear to Your Newborn Photoshoot

Styling your family for newborn photos can be tricky! In all honesty, it’s the hardest part of having professional photos taken. I’m reminded of just how much work it is every year when I have my own family photographed. Here are some helpful tips to take some of the stress out of outfit styling, and to make figuring out what to wear to your newborn photo session a little bit easier!

Simplicity is Key

First and foremost….choose something that your comfortable in and that won’t need a lot of adjusting. If it doesn’t lay properly, your bra strap keeps needing to be fixed, or if a shirt is too short to stay tucked in, reconsider those options Wear solid colors or small/subtle prints. Keep the focus on the baby and keep your photos timeless by avoiding distracting prints and clothing with logos. Also, don’t worry about shoes! I don’t typically take full body images during newborn sessions so they won’t be seen anyway. The only full-length image that I take, on occasion, is with mom holding the baby in front of one of the the big arched windows in my studio. Thankfully, this shot looks gorgeous barefoot…no shoes necessary!

No Outfit Needed for the Baby!

Newborn babies look best in the buff, so don’t worry about bringing fancy outfits. I have lots of blankets/wraps/knit diaper covers that we can use in the photos. If you’d like to bring your own items to the session Etsy is a great place to look and there are a ton of cute options for wraps, hats, and headbands. If you’re having a girl and would like to use headbands during the session, please bring ones that are sized for newborns and are dainty. Standard baby headbands will be too large and will look overwhelming on a tiny newborn.  I have headbands to choose from at the studio as well.

A newborn baby wearing a simple headband during her newborn portrait session with Camarillo photographer Daniele Rose.

Wear Neutrals/Whites/Greys/Pastels

Whether you choose to wear a flowy dress or you decide to go more casual with pants and a top/sweater, sticking to a neutral color palette always looks great. Neutrals tend keep the attention on the baby and away from your clothing. White is classic and timeless, and is a nod to newness and innocence of the baby. Pastels also have that “new baby” feel and are great if you want to coordinate your outfits with the décor of your baby’s nursery. Putting dad and/or older brothers in a grey or chambray shirt always looks great!

Put Older Siblings in Something Comfy

No matter how old the sibling is, the main goal is for them to not only look cute, but to be comfortable while in photos with their baby sibling. Choosing comfortable clothing will help them feel relaxed. Choose colors that I mentioned above, and be sure to coordinate with the parent’s outfits for the family photos. Again, no shoes are necessary!

Oh, and pro tip…don’t bring them to the studio in the clothes that they’ll be wearing in the photos. I always start newborn sessions by photographing the baby alone. This will give older siblings a chance to warm up and feel comfortable in the space, and have a snack or two. We’ll want to avoid snacks and drinks being spilled on the clothes they’ll be wearing for the photos. Bring them to the studio in sweats (or even their PJ’s!), and I’ll let you know when it’s time to change them into their picture clothes.

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