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Can we all just agree that time with our little ones seems to fly by in the blink of an eye? It feels like just yesterday we were cradling them in our arms as newborns, and now they’re hitting that precious six-month milestone. This is the perfect time to schedule a sitter photo session and you won’t want to miss capturing this precious stage.  Other than newborns this is my favorite age to photograph! They’re so cute and bubbly and brimming with personality at this age – it’s the absolute perfect time for a photo session!

A baby sitting up all by himself during his six month sitter session with Camarillo baby photographer Daniele Rose.

What is a 6 Month Sitter Session?

A 6 month sitter session is a session done around 6-8 months of age when your baby can sit unassisted, but can’t quite crawl yet. Every baby develops at a different rate, but 6-8 months is a general timeframe for this milestone. At this age babies are cubby, smiley, and just full of their developing personality!

A six month old baby smiles showing two teeth barely starting to poke through his gums during his six month session with Camarillo baby photographer, Daniele Rose.
A six month baby sitting facing away from the camera.

Why Schedule a 6 Month Sitter Session?

Document Their Adorable Milestones:

This is the age when your baby starts achieving major milestones like rolling over, sitting up, and flashing adorable toothless smiles. A sitter photo session allows you to document and capture your little one’s milestones forever.

Personality On Full Display:

Around the six-month mark, babies are like little bundles of personality. They’re more alert, responsive, and interactive than ever before. A sitter session captures their adorable expressions and emerging personality.

Precious Interactions:

Babies at six months are like mini explorers, discovering the world around them with wonder. They’re fascinated by every object, texture, and color that comes their way. A session at this age will capture their love for their favorite toy and the sheer joy of finding their own toes for the first time. So, so cute!

Creating a Visual Legacy:

Photographs have the power to tell stories and connect generations. A sitter photo session at six months, in addition to your maternity and newborn sessions, builds a visual legacy for your family. These images become heirlooms that can be passed down through the years, allowing future generations to peek into the past. They become a tangible connection to your child’s early years, creating a treasure trove of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, by both you and your little one!

A close up photos of a baby's toes while he is sitting in a white vintage high chair during his six month sitter session with Camarillo photographer Daniele Rose.

Where do sitter sessions take place?

My natural light studio in Camarillo is the perfect location for 6 month sitter sessions! The space is simple and timeless, and it will be nice and warm to keep your little one happy. All of the things we need will be close at hand, including some of my much-loved vintage props.

Baby starting to crawl during his six month sitter session with Camarillo portrait photographer, Daniele Rose.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture the magic of your baby’s six-month milestone with a sitter photo session. These photos will bring you so much joy and serve as a constant reminder of the incredible journey you and your little one are on together. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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